My Pick for the Week: Sex Criminals and Obama

This week two books are on my mind,
Sex Criminals #1 Fourth Print – selling for $10 – $25 online and going for a fourth print second print – Crazy Cool covers do that!

This book is probably going to drop in value in three weeks – easy burn and turn $3 to $10.

Sky Man #1 1:10 Variant – its a mini-series – its been under ordered.
Many retailers didn’t get the variant – because its a mini-series from a new publisher – and the variant is Obama related. This book is a no brainer. See: The Other Dead Obama Variant – which sold out the gate for anywhere from $30 – $60 week of release!

Bonus Sauce:

THE ADVENTURES OF APOCALYPSE AL #1 Retailer Preview Edition 

The book was sent to every comic retailer – its a nice JMS title with lots of second market potential.
Go to your LCS and ask if they have a copy and if you can buy it. Now, go.

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