My Pick for the Week: Detective #27 Jim Lee Variant

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I guess it’s not really a good thing that the first pick of the year is a variant but the 1:60 Detective Comics #27 Variant by Jim Lee is doing big things. Easily picked up for under $50 – it’s been spoking at $100+ on ebay. – Also these J Scott Campbell Marvel covers are always wanted – and it looks like a lot of retailers didn’t order high enough to get a lot of them.

With the Black Widow #1 J Scott Campbell variant’s hold value? Colour selling for $150 online, while the colour is around $60 – $70.
Only if the series goes beyond 15 issues and doesn’t lose steam.

In other news,
Have you seen the FCBD 2014 DC book?


Might be a good idea to buy up some Batman Beyond #1’s – easily found for under $5 each – the first appearance in comics of the darker batman that first appeared in the animated show.

Screen shot 2014-01-09 at 5.59.19 PM

(Also Greg Rucka spoke to bleedingcool about how DC asked him to do something with Booster Gold. Does this mean something might be happening with the character? A Movie or tv show appearance maybe?)

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