Shifting my Focus

Look up GPA on X-Men #200 – 300. Its all trending upwards. Why? Who knows!

But its helps explain why I’m shifting some of my focus.

The last few weeks have been a little dry for modern books heating up – So I’ve been looking at copper, bronze and my all time favourite, recalled books.

Superman man of Steel #17 is a $40 – $60 book. I just found that out and I think its something worth relaying. – Thats three times how much S.MOS #18 the first appearance of Doomsday, is getting. Its just wack.

Here are some other under the radar books I’ve discovered and are very easy to find and flip.


photo 2

Action Comics #869 Recalled because Superman is drinking beer – easy to find for $40 or less – Quick flip for $80 – $100. (Raw NM)




Wolverine #131 – This book was recalled because of a editor mistake in proof reading – the word kike is used in reference to Sabertooth instead of Killer.

Remember to check each copy for this misprint before declaring it a recalled issue! There are none kike ones out there!


Last book to look out for, “Uncle Bens Cack”

Spider-ManReign1Nude Spider-ManReign1NudeCover

Spider-Man Reign #1 has a panel showing a nude Uncle Ben with a visible penis. A PENIS! This is a $10 book on ebay – easy to find for $1 – $3 IRL.