Buy it: The Outliers #1

I missed this title on my last post. Right now I’m buying Catwoman 23 and the outliers #1.
Both of these books are potential holders. Catwoman 23 features the first appearance of the Joker’s daughter to appear in her own DC point 1 title. This book could be a potential “daredevil 21” (first superior spider-man) type title, or it could be completley irrevelant in two months. 

I am buying and selling all copies I find and suggest you do the same. 

Outliers #1 had a print run of under 1500, has a $5 sticker price AND is selling for anywhere from $30 – $40 on ebay.

Seems to be a good pick up.*


*I sold my last copy of Peter Panzerfaust for $200. It also had a low print run. Copies now sell for about $500 – $600


I also really think Pretty Deadly is going to be a big book. 

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