The Power of a Tweet: BloodShoot #37

Earlier Today former owner of Valiant Comics and current producer of the upcoming Bloodshot film tweeted out two words and two hashtags. “Bloodshot #37” with the hashtags Bloodshot movie and Bloodshot 2020.



Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 5.25.55 PMSpace

It isn’t clear what this means but as a result of this tweet copies of Bloodshot #37 have started to move online. This book was published in 1995 and is from the first volume of the original Bloodshot series. Bloodshot #37 features the title character facing off with an army of Zombies, fighting against Papa Juju and Bloofer Lady – who both appear on the cover while Bloodshot lies inside a coffin inside a grave yard.
Bloodshot #37Space
While this book has sold out on most online marketplaces – this is a book you should be looking for in the wild. I’m not sure how this book connects to the Bloodshot film or if it even does – but I am sure that based on this one tweet, Valiant collectors are going to start shelling out money to secure copies before the release of the film..
Since this tweet was posted several copies of Bloodshot #37 have sold online for $7 to $20 – up from the few dollar sales before this image was tweeted. Yesterday Dinesh tweeted another Bloodshot book, Bloodshot #36 – and later tweeted that he was doing a countdown of Bloodshot issues before the Bloodshot 2020 film trailer is released worldwide. Dinesh followed this up by giving the two books he thinks you should be buying in anticipation of the Bloodshot film-

Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 2.38.09 PM


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