Week In Review: June 27 , 2015


I havn’t done a post in a while and there a few things I need to talk about that are probably old news.

This book has been heating up for a few reasons. Its in the ultimate universe which is cooling down right now so most stores are not ordering it so it has a low print run and most stores don’t have it, and it features everybody’s favourite character Deadpool. Ultimate Spider-Man Web-Warriors #8$_12

This book has been selling for $10 to $15 on ebay. Will it last? This isn’t like the Hulk #13 which has cooled down a bit – this book has a much smaller print run and has a lot more potential of holding its value.

Matt Hawkins, creator of Think Tank and Postal has suggested on his facebook page that both titles are being optioned for tv-shows and that full announcements will be coming out of SDCC in two weeks. Think Tank #1 first prints have been selling for $25 as a result of this news and a lot of people have been jumping on the SDCC Variant cover – which was released before issue #1. I have talked about this before.

Right now I think the book to look for is Postal #1. Think tank has been rumoured and talked about before but Postal has no Hollywood connections. There are some sales on ebay above $10 for Postal #1, but this book can still be found in the wild. The Variant covers probably have the most potential. You have until SDCC to buy as many copies as you can before this book will explode.

Quick Piece on SDCC:

I am going to a do a longer post on what SDCC exclusives you should be looking for. Closer to the show I’ll have the list. Expect that next weekend. But be thinking about the Skybound 5th Anniversary Box Set its described as

“This limited edition box set includes 10 Skybound #1 issues, each featuring a special 5th anniversary cover treatment.  Titles include: THE WALKING DEAD, INVINCIBLE, THIEF OF THIEVES, GHOSTED, MANIFEST DESTINY, BIRTHRIGHT, SUPER DINOSAUR, CLONE, WITCH DOCTOR and OUTCAST BY KIRKMAN & AZACETA. The box set also comes with a Skybound branded flash drive loaded with digital collections of these titles’ first volumes. 20 of the boxes will have randomly inserted redemption cards for a chance at CGC graded 9.8 first prints of these titles, with the label signed by Robert Kirkman. Also look for randomly inserted sets that feature all black and white variant covers of these special issues.”
And as shown on a few message boards, these black and white editions look like this.

Screen shot 2015-06-27 at 9.56.13 PM

Something to be thinking about – The books in these boxes are going to be crazy!


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