Do yourself a Favour: Lootcrate

Lootcrate is a company that makes subscription lootbags – with one general bag of goods each month. Sometimes they have exclusive items, like the famed Groot Funko Pop glow in the dark see-through figure. This Month’s loot bag has another Funko Marvel Pop figure, and an exclusive Batman Comic with a Greg Capullo Cover, Batman #36. This will have a high print run, but as with all batman variants, it will be sought after. Comicsalliance published this picture earlier today.

BMCv36LootCrate-e0769Again, this months Lootcrate features a still unannounced Marvel Funko Pop, so this box is filled with value!




This is probably old news, but this book came out two years ago, is a NEW 52 book, and has gone up in value based on the Flash TV-Show.

DC New 52: Flash Annual #2


This is apparently the first time Hal Jordan and Barry Allan appear together in the New 52 – and has been selling online for $40+.

Also – just a reminder, this book comes out this week and is awesome! #BURR


Expect a Image Logo Update once I find the Rumble #1 Logo Variant that comes out this week (thanks Steve @ Amazing Heroes!) 

Happy Speculating

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