It happened

Doomsday has finally hit the major leagues.
Man of Steel #18 is finally selling for upwards of $150 in CGC 9.8 blue label, raw copies are selling for $20 – 45 – but the big winner in the entire Doomsday debate is the Man of Steel #17 – where Near Mint raw copies on ebay are fetching $50 – $80, graded CGC 9.8 copies can go from $200 – $300!


Every website in the last two years have discussed this book saying it was going to explode. Well, it has.

Sandman is being discussed as possibly being made into a movie (again) so as one can expect raw issue #1’s have skyrocketted in price.
Sandman #1 NM has been selling for $100+ where as Sandman #9 NM is now a $50 book.
Which in my experience is a DOUBLE UP in value when you compare prices before the Hollywood news. (November).

Black Science #2 is also doing some stupid things – being impossible to find in the wild and selling for $10 – $20 on ebay.


Sex Criminals #1 has been gaining some traction as, I’m sure you can guess, Black Science #1.


Aside from that its been pretty slow moving in the speculation side of the comic world.

Will update soon with 2014 predictions.
Hint: BoosterGold + StaticShock + Batman Beyond

well staticshock is more of a “I REALLY HOPE IT HAPPENS” than a prediction, but I’ll spell it all out very soon.

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