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Week in Review: June 29

This week there are two books to be looking for. The first one has been heavily discussed on many speculation websites. Marvel’s Press department has been working overtime the past few weeks trying to let everyone know they were introducing a new character, Mosaic, debuting this week in Uncanny Inhumans #11. This book has a 1:25 variant cover, a Marvel

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Oh Word? Silver Sable

Here’s a book that has been selling for $10 to $15 for the past few months, Amazing Spider-Man #265 – The first appearance of the Silver Sable. However, today the book has been selling for quite a bit more.  Today Amazing Spider-Man #265 has been selling for $25 to $30 with three CGC 9.8 sales. One sold for just under

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Week In Review June 19

This has been a weird week. This week Justice League 51 came out and some stores reported receiving weird variant covers (as first written by Comic book Invest). This “weird variant” was a Justice League #51 with the solicited cover of Justice League #52. This book was rumored to have been shipped to stores whom have reported damages to Diamond

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This week news came out about who the apparent villain in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy sequel. This character has been hinted at appearing in the past however now we have confirmation. The reveal being that the villain will be Kismet AKA Paragon AKA Ayesha – but more known as “her” – the female warlock. Adam Warlock was suggested

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