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The Following Post contains spoilers about the Batman / Superman film. 

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The Following Post contains spoilers about the Batman / Superman film. For those living under a rock – Superman vs Batman came out this weekend breaking every box office record of every Comic Book related movie ever. This includes the Dolph Lundgrin Punisher film. The film was used by Warner Brothers, DC and Zack Snyder as a platform to build the DC cinematic universe. The film had a lot of conceptual aspects taken from Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns as well as the classic Death and Return of Superman storyline.

While the Frank Miller’s Batman key issues have always fluctuated in demand, the Death of Superman Storyline, Superman #75 (a book that was largly speculated on upon its release but has sold very sporadically in dollar bins for the last 15 years) is selling and heating up. Black Polibagged Superman #75’s have been averaging $15 to $25, while near mint opened Superman #75’s have been selling for $7 to $10. This is a book to be looking for when going through dollar bins – but don’t expect this hype to last very long (the very large print run of this book means it has no probability of growth).

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A deleted scene has already hit the Internet. It features Lex Luther and a new character that does not appear in the film, suggesting its future in the DC film universe. The scene can be seen here. It was pointed out by John Brown of CBSI (his ebay store is here and he has some awesome Moderns for sale!) that this character is Steppenwolf, the fictional New God created by Jack Kirby for DC. His first appearance has virtually disappared from the online comic marketplace. However, this book can still be found in the wild. The book to be looking for is New Gods #7 from 1972. This book currently sells for $50 to $70 in near mint condition and will rise once more people see the just released, deleted scene.

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ALSO, his first appearance in the NEW 52 is Justice League #6 (another book not to be overlooked).

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Things to look forward to this week: DC Rebirth, What happened at Wondercon, Week in Review Post, and a post about DC / NBC’s Powerless.


  • Steppenwolf? Could be, but the character looks more like Darkseid’s father, Yuga Khan! His first appearance is New Gods vol 3 #17…which has disappeared from every online source I know of as well. It is all speculation as of right now, but Yuga looks very close in the comics to what the cut scene showed.

  • Not to diss Steppenwolf, because if Darksied is indeed the main antagonists in the next movies Steppenwolf will most definitely be right there with him.

  • I am with @ocguy72 in that I believe it to be Yuga Khan. Obviously not sure, but he looks far more like him than he does Steppenwolf. Plus, he makes even Darkseid sweat 😉

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