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WORD?!?! Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows Event

Marvel just released this image suggesting the Next Marvel Event is based around Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker’s family life. Speculation has begun saying the child seen over Peter’s shoulder’s could be May Parker, Spider-Girl. Either way, its time to dig out those Spider-Man Annual 21‘s – This two cover Wedding issue is sure to spark up interest in

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Hollywood Daze: Thor Ragnarok

Marvel did a summit announcement earlier today where they announced their schedule for the next five to seven years for films. Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Infinity War Avengers, Captain America Civil War, all already rumour milled for the last 12 months got confirmation today. The two shocking announcements were the Captain Marvel and Thor: Ragnarok spotlights. Ragnarok in the marvel universe

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Word?!?: Carrie Kelley

Apparently an extra on the new Batman Superman film is being sued for two million dollars or something stupid, all because they released the information of who was playing Carrie Kelley in the upcoming film. This development means Carrie Kelley will be appearing in the new film, Carrie Kelley will most likely be developed into the film-verse version of Robin

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