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Turn Down for What?!?! Hollywood Week Two (Continued)

So James Gun, director of Guardians of the Galaxy, recently confirmed that Star-Lord’s father in the Marvel Movie Universe will not line-up with the Marvel Comic universe. So Star Lord’s father will not be Jason of Sparta (also referred to as J’son of Sparta) and you shouldn’t be buying Marvel Preview (magazine) #11.  Put that in my swing and a miss section.  There

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Word?! Hollywood

AUGUST 16 UPDATE: Director of GOTG James Gun has not said who Star-Lords Father is, however he confirmed he is not following the Marvel Universe comic history (in this instance).  Caution: GOTG Spoilers Ahead Who is Star lord’s father? So the guardians of the Galaxy movie was a huge success. Old news. Anyone who has seen the movie knows they

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Wool #1 has a low print run and the current highest completed sale on ebay is 6.99, but there are a few auctions hovering around the $10 – $15 mark. Remember Creator Owned Heroes? Back to Brooklyn? This is a very hyped creative team that doesn’t perform well long term. Buy it if you see it at cover otherwise avoid.

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