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Word?!? Spoilers ahead

I havn’t seen the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie, but the movies end scene has gone viral. Four words. Howard the fucking Duck!   That means two books are going to see a major increase in value. Its the 80’s all over again! Howard the Duck #1 and Adventures into Fear #19 (first appearance of Howard the Duck)     

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SDCC: Word?!

A lot is happening this week. Archies prices dropping – seems like the After Life With Archie 36 Magazine issue was only profitable in presale. And now Sabrina is the new character? Afterlife with Archie was a fluke, Life with Archie was a bomb, Sabrina is going to be a disaster. Stay away. There is a lot of news coming

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Word?! Hollywood

If the CW’s Arrow TV-Show is any indication of how characters appearing in tv can effect comic book values and prices – All news about the planned Flash television series. Today it was announced that Robbie Ameil has been cast as Firestorm. Firestorm’s first appearance was in the 1978 series Firestorm – making his debut in issue #1. When you look at

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