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Word!?!: Doop!

On April 9th 2014, Marvel will release a Doop #1 on-going title with a variant cover by Adi Granov. Which is totally weird but in a comic market where My Little Pony and Dexter’s Lab comics sell like hot cakes it actually makes sense. So does the upcoming Rocket Racoon on-going series that appears to be very family/Disney oriented. Marvel Now’s Doop

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Spidey Sense: Marvel Now’s Amazing Spider-Man #1

So Superior Spider-Man is about to finish and Marvel is launching Amazing Spider-Man #1 in April. At first, one would think this was a good speculative pick. How many times are Marvel going to relaunch spider-man in the next ten years? My opinion, 0. Superior Spider-man was a terrible title they launched to purposely alienate the Spider-man Fan base – by moving away

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